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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs Several people think that Palmetto bugs are not cockroaches. Entomologists have proved that the palmetto bugs are cockroaches. These roaches are mostly found in the North America and lives both in the homes and in the palmetto trees. There are other names that are given to these pests including, flying cockroaches, waterbugs, Bombay canary, and southern cockroach. The American cockroach is the one referred to as the Palmetto bug. There are several unique features that will help you identify a palmetto bug once you get into contact with one. Palmetto bugs that are fully grown have a dark brown color and a size range of between 1 and 2 inches, with a long thick antennae. They have short fore-wings but do not fly. The egg case of these roaches is dark brown in color, has a length of between 14-16 mm and carries an average of 23 eggs. Palmetto Bugs hideouts Mostly, these roaches will thrive best in areas that are moist and especially in warm and damp climate. This species mainly is found outdoors but is will be found in the house too when the weather gets extremely cold.
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How to Identify Infestations by Palmetto Bugs
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The easiest way of identifying their infestation is by simply spotting them in the house. Their nocturnal character makes them to be invisible as they will mostly invade at night. Some of the signs that you can look for to identify their infestation include : Presence of Shell Casing in the house You can easily identify an infestation if you find dark brown shell casings in your home. Unpleasant Smell Adult palmetto bugs produce a strong order that becomes pungent if the infestation is high. Fecal Matter In the process of their movement, palmetto bugs deposit their fecal waste on the path. Young bugs produce waste that waste that resembles black, sandy grains. Steps in Eliminating Palmetto Bugs Close all the crevices, cracks and holes in your home by using copper mesh, steel wool, and also wire screens in windows, vents and floor drains. Baits can do Magic Boric acid can be dusted on areas that have been identified to be infested by these insects. Making your own baits is also a creative way of dealing with the pest; mix water with one part sugar, one part boric and two parts flour and form balls. Use Appropriate Pesticide Any pesticide that has citrus products in it will effectively eradicate the bugs from your house. Eliminate water and any food sources that the palmettos could eat and ensure that your kitchen is always left clean and neat. In conclusion, Palmetto Bugs should never be confused to be any other insects. Extremely cold weather is what brings the palmetto bugs in your house otherwise it is an outdoor insect.

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